Raise It Up


To my young brothers and sisters worldwide, Raise It Up is symbols the art of the wheelie. Whether on a dirt bike, motorcycle, pedal bike or any other bike, “raising it up” is definitely a talent that not everyone has.

However Raise It Up also has another meaning. Raise It Up means to elevate yourself or take yourself to a higher level of development. Take yourself to a higher level in different areas of life. It could be sports, school, personal, business, family, or whatever. Just do not settle for being on the same level doing the same thing for the rest of your life.

Always try to accomplish more today than you did yesterday.
Always try to do the impossible.
Always know that you can reach the next level with just a little effort and patience.

Never let another person talk you out of pursuing your dreams.
Never let frustration keep you from trying your hardest.
Never think that you made it to the top and do not have to work anymore.

Why is it necessary to share this? Because WE, the young people of the world are faced with the same challenges we deal with in Baltimore City. We are being ignored and disrespected by adults who put their time and effort into chasing money, power, and pleasure. Corporate greed and irresponsible governments have failed to address the real needs of young people.

They do not care about us. We must take the responsibility of guiding ourselves and leading the younger generations into a better and more responsible world. Therefore we must raise up our level of intelligence, our moral consciousness, our skills, and responsibility. Raise It Up young people. Raise It Up worldwide. .